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A company can only be as strong as its brand. AMP conceives, designs and maintains creative assets for companies just like yours, driven by our experience in delivering projects quickly while sustaining the highest possible standards.

What Does AMP Do?
What Does AMP Do?

Brand Identity

Everything is competing for your customer's attention. Having strong, credible brand representation empowers you to jump ahead of the curve and grow loyalty with your customers. From business cards to book covers, AMP knows how to humanize, stand out and grab attention.

Web Development

We merge strategy, design & development to bring your online presence to life. Our user experience and tech team evaluate projects from the beginning. We ground our approach in meticulous user research, kicking off each project by understanding your user's needs.


Love it or hate it, strong, performant campaigns need research and experience. Great brand consultants will help unpack your story, emotional drivers, visual metaphors, colors, typography, voice and help you align all of this with your business model, strategy and target demographic.

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Do you have any questions?

Here's the ones we're asked the most...

Who is AMP for?

AMP is for professionals in their craft, who don't have time to spend wireframing, designing, building and perfecting creative assets. Our design & dev teams will take care of your entire creative department and let you be the guide to perfectly represent your brand and it's values.

How do I get in touch?

Click here to be taken to our contact page. You'll be able to fill in a quick form and tell us what you need. Don't worry, there's no obligation or payment required, we'll have a chat and discuss what you need first.

What if I only need one thing?

Don't worry, we produce assets for companies of all sizes. Whether you just need a logo, business cards or want to talk about a new website, tell us what you need and we'll help you out.

How much does it cost?

We work on a project basis. Our pricing is transparent and straight-forward; getting in touch to ask isn't a commitment.

Are there any hidden fees?

You'll receive a full project proposal before any money changes hands. All pricing and payments will be clearly presented within and you'll never have to pay for anything else. We pride ourselves on transparency.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel anytime before you sign your proposal.

What if I don't like the result?

Then we'll work with you until you do.